Stay connected, calm, positive, healthy & inspired with Yoga by the Sea's combination of LIVESTREAMING & STUDIO CLASSES, brought to you by our experienced team. For those who prefer the convenience & privacy of online classes, check out our CHEAPER Livestreaming Prices & Packages

To access LIVESTREAMING with Yoga by the Sea founder, Sasha Hawley...

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*Unlike our studio classes, you can tune into our livestreaming classes without booking. Simply click the following links 5 minutes before class starts, and our teachers will book you in at the time... If you do book, we will email you the link 10-15 minutes before the class starts.

*Class links are the same each week, so once you've attended a session once, the link will work for the same session the following week as follows:
12.30-1.30pm Power Yoga

*Wednesday 7.15-8pm Bedtime Meditation & Yoga -

*Friday 6-7pm Relax Yoga -

*Sunday 10-11am Relax Yoga

PS. Please note, you cannot use online class passes at our studio classes. 

To access our 6 In-Person STUDIOS... checkout the Deals available on our Pricelist, then book in via our Schedule.


A calming 45 minute online Meditation & Mindfulness class focusing on breath awareness, relaxation techniques and body sensations. Meditation guidance is offered to cultivate open awareness of the world around and within us. You will learn how to approach challenges skillfully and non-reactively to each life experience that arises.

An hour of power Vinyasa, ideal for those who desire a flowing cardiovascular workout! Be prepared to sweat, improve strength, tone, fitness, balance & flexibility. This modern take on yoga whips you into shape with challenging poses that also detoxify organs, open the body's energy chakras, stimulate blood flow, oxygenate the mind, and release tension/stress via an endorphin kick.

Enjoy an hour of mellow Hatha yoga, ideal for beginners, pre/post natal ladies, ache & pain relief, stress management, and balancing a busy/active life. This traditional style of yoga is known to relax the nervous system, improve flexibility, gently release tension, massage & detoxify organs, restore mental/physical/emotional equilibrium, taught within a meditative approach. Much like a massage for the body, mind & soul.


With most of the population working from home, please get in touch if you'd like to arrange a tailored team-building and morale-boosting online yoga experiences with your colleagues. It's a wonderful way to boost creativity and productivity, while inspiring peace during this challenging time. Alternatively, we are now taking corporate bookings
 in all of our Studios.