The Eastern theory of yin and yang emphasises the importance of balance in nature and all living beings. Yang is generally associated with concepts that are bright, strong, warm and in motion. While Yin reflects cool, relaxed, meditative stillness. In life, we need a balance of both to maintain a healthy body, mind and soul.      


A slow, restorative HATHA YOGA practice ideal for beginners, pre/post natal ladies, ache & pain relief, stress management, and balancing a busy/active life. This traditional style of yoga is known to relax the nervous system, improve flexibility, gently release tension, massage & detoxify organs, restore mental/physical/emotional equilibrium, taught within a meditative approach. Much like a massage for the body, mind & soul. 


A strong POWER VINYASA YOGA practice ideal for those who desire a flowing cardiovascular workout! Be prepared to sweat, improve strength, tone, fitness & flexibility. This challenging take on yoga whips you into shape with poses that flush organs, clear chakras, stimulate bloodflow, oxygenate your mind, refine your balance, and release tension and stress via an endorphin kick.