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HOW TO READ OUR SCHEDULE - Please practice patience as our Schedule takes time to download. Check Out our Styles, then scroll down to Schedule. Seaside classes at 6 locations are listed with the NAME OF THE BEACH first, followed by the YOGA STYLE.  

POWER YOGA Ideal for those who desire a flowing cardiovascular workout! Be prepared to sweat, improve strength, tone, fitness, balance & flexibility. This modern take on yoga whips you into shape with challenging poses that also detoxify organs, open the body's energy chakras, stimulate blood flow, oxygenate the mind & release tension/stress via an endorphin kick.

RELAX YOGA based on traditional Hatha principles, ideal for beginners, pre/post natal ladies, ache & pain relief, stress management & balancing a busy/active life. A restorative practice known to relax the nervous system, improve flexibility, gently release tension, massage & detoxify organs, restore mental/physical/emotional equilibrium, taught within a meditative approach. Much like a massage for the body, mind & soul. PreNatal ladies welcome too.


YIN YOGA is slow-paced style of yoga, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with postures that are held for longer periods of time than our other styles (five minutes or more.) with assistance of supplied props. Yin Yoga has the same objectives as any other school of yoga, however it directs the stimulation normally created in the asana portion of the practice deeper than the muscular tissues, targeting the connective tissues (ligaments, bones & joints). Suitable for almost all levels of students, this style dives deep. 

RESTORATIVE YOGA & MEDITATION is our most gentle, accessible yoga style - a nourishing elixr to better quality sleep, a deep relaxation - body, mind & soul. A Reset that releases deep tension, stress, fatigue & regulates the nervous system with gentle, soothing restorative yoga asanas (for 40 minutes) & a Mindful Meditation (for the last 20 minutes). PreNatal ladies welcome too. 

*Feel free to book into any of our Terrigal classes on the Schedule using your Yoga by the Sea pass.  We also host Massage, Reiki Healings, Personal Training, Life Coaching/ Couselling & Community Workshops/ Events at TERRIGAL HEALTH HUB.

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