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Upcoming Workshops, Courses & Events at Terrigal Health Hub


with Lara Sybaczynskyj & Kerrie Webb

Saturday 29th July,

12th & 26th August, 3-4.30pm

Via Hatha Yoga and TRE (Trauma/ Tension-Release Exercises) your local hosts Lara & Kerrie will guide you through an experience that encourages a deep reconnection with the Self, releasing any trauma/ tension your body may be holding, or your heart might be stuck on. Lara completed her yoga teacher training in India in 2019 and Kerrie has been a massage therapist and Journey/ TRE Practitioner for the past 25yrs. Their intention for this class is to offer their knowledge, skills and passion for helping people, so you leave feeling relaxed, lighter and rejuvenated. After 3 classes you will learn the TRE technique for future reference - a great self-help tool.

Course Cost $99 Intro Offer includes x3 classes (over 3 weekends), mats, props & refreshments. Workshop open to aged 15+ 

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more info.


with Emily Postle

Saturday 30th September, 1-2pm (aged 3-6),

or 2-4pm (aged 7-12)

A wonderful way to reset during term time or school holidays, preparing kids with fun, creative, calming and breathing techniques encouraging a positive mindset, self-soothing skills & confidence-boosting exercises. Story-telling is involved, along with kids yoga moves and grooves/ music & dance, friendship-building and mindfulness exercises attuned to the age group. Finishing with meditation, we guarantee your kids will leave in a calmer space to tackle whatever life throws at them.       

Cost $20 (1 hour class, aged 3-6) & $40 (2 hour class, aged 7-12) includes mats & allergy-free refreshments.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information


with Sasha Hawley

Sunday, September 3rd, 2-4pm

Mother of two, Sasha is a certified PreNatal Yoga teacher (Baby Bliss), trained Ayurvedic masseuse & Reiki healer. This workshop will focus on gentle yoga poses and breathing techniques that can be used throughout the varying stages of pregnancy to reduce stress, calm the nervous system and maintain fitness, comfort, flexibility and wellbeing - without placing strain on your body. Learning relaxation methods will help you adjust to the demands and discomforts of motherhood itself. Known to increase energy and reduce fatigue, pre-natal yoga also increases your strength and confidence; improves posture, stability and balance; creates optimal health levels and reduces chances of difficulties during pregnancy and labour, encouraging a positive childbirth experience. Mini-massages included on neck, back and shoulders throughout workshop. 

Cost: $40 includes mats, props & refreshments.

Workshop open to prenatal ladies in all trimesters.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information


with Melina Kaparakis 

Saturday 9th September, 2-5pm

Feeling lost, unmotivated and disconnected with your life lately? No purpose or passion? If so, this experience will help, guide and support you towards the light... Discovering Your Dharma (life’s purpose) takes you on a journey towards understanding, love, clarity and connection to "self" and your lifes purpose. You will be presented with authentic and holistic tools to start diving deep into YOU and your POWER, so that you can create a strong foundation. Discover your personality type and see what traits, skills, behaviors and values YOU align with. Gain valuable insights about WHO you are as an individual and what you are best fit for to pursue.  These tools will also help you cope with your emotions, thoughts and overall wellbeing. You will connect with your own values, strengths and intentions, so that you can make decisions based on YOU instead of social conditioning. You will identify what is meaningful to you and how to implement these things into your work, actions and attitude, effecting results. You will be deeply supported by Melina throughout this shift, inspiring the motivation you need to strive for your dreams and discover your true path. Serve yourself with total authenticity and feel deep fulfilment. Align, connect with and love what you do! 

Cost $75 includes mats, props & refreshments. Workshop open to everyone aged 15+

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information. 


with Sasha Hawley

Sunday 17th September, 2-3.30pm

This workshop is just for the blokes to enhance balance, alignment, strength & joint stability, while healing aches, pains & injuries. Ideal for those seeking personal growth, stress/tension-relief, or physical maintenance between workouts/ sports delivered in a sports anatomical lingo that speaks specifically to men. Ideal for beginners, or those seeking to deepen their practice with Yoga by the Sea's founder, Sasha (yoga instructor to Soccer FC, Sydney Roosters, Sydney Kings, NSW Cricket, Gerald Butler & selected Surfclubs/ members).  Mini-massages/ alignments included on neck, back and shoulders. 

Cost $30 includes mats, props & refreshments.

Workshop open to men aged 15+  

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information


with Amanda Birkbeck 

Wednesday 20th September, 1-3pm

Come let art nourish your soul! In a world where we are constantly taking in information and expected to be focused/ on point, without needs of our own... Give yourself the gift of time out to be truly heard, seen and to reconnect with yourself deeply through creative, heart-centred self expression. Join us for Art therapy with Amanda from Creative Transformation, where every part of you is welcome. Amanda is a trauma-informed Art Therapist with a passion for holistic healing, community and connection.  Facilitating healing through a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental therapeutic relationship and person-centred, gentle art therapy.  Offering women's circles, group work & one-on-one sessions tailored to individuals' unique needs, with a focus on positive psychology, narrative therapy, and DBT. Amanda specialises in working with neurodiversity, trauma, social inequity, anxiety, and depression. Graduate of the Western Sydney University Art Therapy Masters Program, DBT certified.

Cost $40 includes mats, materials & refreshments.

Workshop open to women aged 15+

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information


with Amanda Birkbeck

Friday 20th October, 7-9pm, with monthly circles thereafter...

Welcoming Terrigal ladies to our local Women's Circle - a time to gather with like-minded soul sisters and feel into the gifts of Spring. Join Amanda Birkbeck (Creative Transformation) and Jenn Lunna (Awakened Earth) for a sacred cacao ceremony, soul expression art therapy, drawing of oracle cards, and sharing of seasonal intentions. Reconnect with yourself and celebrate a sense of community through creative, heart-centred expression and connection with other magical women in the area. A source of support and understanding in a safe, confidential environment.

Cost $35 includes mats, materials & refreshments. $25/person if you BYO friend.

Workshop open to women aged 15+

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information


with Sasha Hawley

Thursday 2nd November, 7.30-9pm 

Starting with Tantra Yoga, the goal of this experience is to give you a deeper understanding of yourself, promoting feelings of self-love & acceptance. We'll explore the idea of "Goddess Energy" and tap into this divine strength via forms of expression (art, journaling, embodied dance), while we discuss sexuality, self-esteem and body confidence.  If you are looking to deepen your feminine or psychic intuition, tap into your creativity, break free from emotional wounds and build a new relationship with yourself (based on high self-worth), then this workshop is for you.

Cost $30 includes mats, materials & refreshments.

Workshop open to women aged 18+ 

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information

Birth of Venus


with Sasha Hawley 

Sunday 3rd December, 2-4pm

Join us for a fun, safe workshop that sparks joy and connection with the ones we love. Whether you're bringing your partner, friend, mum, daughter, son, father - everyone is welcome! Using each other's body weight, balance and strength, we'll be exploring Yoga in a way that offers insight into your relationship dynamics and communication. A wonderful way to explore Yoga in a lighthearted, interpersonal,  beginners environment. Open to all levels of yoga experience.

Cost $50 per couple includes mats, props & refreshments.

Workshop open to couples, family & friends. 

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information


with Toonie McDougall

Sunday, December 17th, 3-5pm

A soulful Yin Yoga experience, accompanied by a magical Sound Healing with Toonie (musician, Reiki master & teacher at Yoga by the Sea). Playing the Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls, handpan, ocean drums, & chimes, she creates an atmosphere for transformation and deep relaxation. Yin yoga is a restorative long-hold practice that allows more time to surrender to the postures with the help of bolsters, cushions and props. Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, expect a deeper release and hydration of the connective muscle tissues and fascia network. A therapeutic experience to finish the year as we release what no longer serves. & prepare for a fresh start...

Cost $45 includes mats & refreshments.

Workshop open to ALL AGES, everyone welcome. 

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information



DATE/ TIME: TBA (1.5 hours)

Kick back & enjoy a funky Friday evening drumming workshop, open to beginners & the more experienced. BYO drum or let us know if you need to borrow one in advance. No rhythm necessary - you'll still have fun!

Cost $25 includes mats, drum (if you need one) & refreshments.

This workshop is open to ALL AGES

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information


with Tanya Adamson & Soulla Chamberlain 


Join us for a cosy afternoon of raw cacao medicinal elixirs, yoga, chakras and aromatherapy using essential oils. Learn how to use therapeutic grade essential oils for emotional support and balancing the energy systems of the body (chakras). Guided through associated yoga & meditation poses, this workshop will enhance your practice on a sensory level with the inclusion of oils made by world leaders in the Essentials Movement. 

Cost $20 includes mats & refreshments.

Workshop open to anyone age 15+

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or enquire for more information

*BOOKINGS / INFO:  Please follow the "Enquire" link at the bottom of each Workshop description. Spaces limited, book ahead.  

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