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Kayak Yoga Classes paddle from Manly Kayak Centre Wharf for approx 20-30 minutes to a secret Sydney Harbour location. Once there, participants will enjoy a 30 minute beach yoga session, followed by a cruisy 20-30 minute paddle back.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Classes paddle from Manly Sealife Sanctuary (old Aquarium) to a floating studio 5-10 minutes away. Participants move through 45-60 minutes of yoga while floating on the water, followed by a short paddle back to base.

Our partner at flow mOcean creates the ability to bring everything we love into one place: yoga, fitness, healthy living, conscious minds, gratitude and a ridiculous love of nature! Join us for a celebration of sand between our toes, sunshine on our faces and crystal clear ocean all around us. We love Stand up Paddle Board Yoga & kayak yoga, but what we love even more is sharing it with you! This studio is unlike anywhere you've practiced or worked out ever before! Season runs Spring 2022 to Easter 2023.

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